A Provençal sensibility inspires both food and space at the Boat Street Cafe. You’ll eat simple, sturdy, luscious food-the food of French grandmothers made of the freshest ingredients mostly from local farmers. The room with its slate tables, mismatched chairs, and warm oak floors is bathed in the amiable glow of candlelight and cream-colored walls. Located adjacent to the Boat Street Kitchen.

Spring has officially sprung!  To prove it, we have all the great things spring has to offer–peavines, watercress, celeriac puree, and fava beans so fresh you can simply pop them in your mouth. Weather permitting, stop by for a glass of wine on our seasonally opened patio.  Don’t forget, we also have happy hour Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays–offering great deals on yummy tartines, cheese, great wine & other great ‘pick me ups’.  We will be seeing you soon.

“In my dream of Provence, I’m walking down a country lane and chance into a cafe, half-tucked under a bridge and marked only by a rustic homemade sign. Inside, upon the concrete floor with its chipped red paint, sit a dozen slate tables with mismatched chairs. Here and there a jelly jar spills over with tulips; a candle flickers in a wine bottle adrip with wax. Mostly I see light streaming in the windows and bathing the room in oyster white. I sit down breathing in fragrances of good zinfandel and French press coffee; I sip my lemon water. I wake up in the Boat Street Cafe.”

Over the past year, aficionados of the  Boat Street Café have had the opportunity to participate in  ‘cooking classes’ given by Cafe  owner/cook Renee Erickson and former owner Susan Kaplan.   The classes have been on hold during the ‘build out’ of the new cafe but will resume soon.  If you are holding a gift certificate, you may cash it in and as a thank you for your patience,  you will receive a discount on your next class.  Or, you can hold onto your certificate  until a new cooking class schedule  is posted.

For those of you who don’t know them, Renee Erickson, who  is much acclaimed for her straightforward, perfectly cooked dishes, has been influenced by Patricia Wells with whom she studies each year.  Susan Kaplan, an advocate of simplicity and ease and  a food maverick, is currently the owner of Sophie’s, featuring homemade old-fashioned donuts and other foods that are good to eat. The two are knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and funny and their classes are sure to be entertaining, productive, and tasty.

 About a year ago,  Renee, owner/cook of the Boat Street Cafe  joined forces with the original owner/founder,  Susan,  to create the  Boat Street Kitchen.  The Kitchen has been providing lunches, catering, and cooking classes to woebegone Cafe customers craving the Boat Street food.  The  Boat Street Kitchen will now adjoin the Cafe.  This is where you will find  lunch and better yet, where you will schedule your private on-site parties and engage in many other fun, food related events.

A Small Aside:   The Boat Street Cafe and the Boat Street Kitchen  are located in the NW Work Lofts Building.  We would like to thank the building owner and his manager for the incredible support  and understanding they have shown in making our new site possible.   We are thrilled to be part of their operation and look forward to a long and happy tenancy.